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Best Cryptocurrency

How to Safe Keep Your Cryptocurrency: Try wallets now!

Cryptocurrency gets highly recommended for increased saving and investment value.
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Posted on: 2019/02/20 | Posted by: Ajay Bhatia

Shopping Loan Online

Shopping loan: Why Stop Yourself from Buying?

Are you shopping freak? Well if you are, who is stopping you?
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Posted on: 2019/02/12 | Posted by: kritika

NPS-National Pension Scheme

Find the best National Pension Schemes Now!

Pension plans can act to be the cushion when individuals turn old
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Posted on: 2019/02/11 | Posted by: Ajay Bhatia

Company Fixed Deposit

Top 5 Company Fixed Deposits Plans

For individuals, its known already that banks generally offer low interest rates, that is when you can consider
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Posted on: 2019/02/05 | Posted by: Ajay Bhatia

Top Post office saving Scheme

Top Post Office Saving Schemes: An Interesting Study

Post office offerings are generally high interest bearing schemes.
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Posted on: 2019/01/18 | Posted by: Ajay Bhatia

Best Saving Plans and Scheme

How can Savings be Improved?

When is the Best Time to Borrow?  Investment can be the best to do when you do not have much saving potential
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Posted on: 2019/01/11 | Posted by: Ajay Bhatia

ULIP Plans and Scheme

Understand the Concept of ULIP

ULIP can be defined as unit linked insurance plan. It is a combination of insurance and investment both.
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Posted on: 2019/01/07 | Posted by: Mohanish

ULIP vs ELSS Funds


ELSS can be considered to be a conservative mutual fund which can save you taxes remarkably.
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Posted on: 2019/01/04 | Posted by: Mohanish

Tax Saving Plans

Focus on Tax Savings: How?

Towards the end of the financial year, individuals begin to plan their investments to minimize their taxes and expenditure.
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Posted on: 2019/01/03 | Posted by: kritika

Tax rate of a mutual fund

What Is the Tax Rate On a Mutual Fund?

How do you determine the tax rate on mutual funds?
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Posted on: 2019/01/02 | Posted by: kritika