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It’s a step taken by National Payments Corporation of India towards digital India. It’s a mobile payment app developed on the basis of Unified Payments Interface(UPI). It supports all Indian banks which use UPI and allows the user to carry out cashless transactions between two parties without any extra charges.


Another step to make India go digital is BHIM app. BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for money, it is a platform that helps make cashless payments simple, fast and easy using UPI. Make immediate money transfers to anyone using UPI and the beneficiary’s UPI Id or scanning the QR code with the BHIM app. Developed by NPCI, it was launched in 2016 to create a digitally empowered society with consideration to include the population globally.

BHIM app Uses

  • It helps you carry out cashless transactions across any two bank accounts through a smartphone. It can be done online using the internet or offline via Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).
  • BHIM serves its consumers and merchants differently.
  • Consumers can check the transaction history, send money to friends and family for no cost, pay for their purchases by getting the QR code scanned and shop or pay online using UPI.
  • Merchants can download their QR code to enable payments from customers and receive hassle-free payments from customers.
  • There are no extra charges applicable to any of the purchases.

Requirements to use BHIM

  • Smartphone
  • Mobile number linked to the bank account
  • Debit card (visa, rupay or maestro)
  • BHIM app

Setting up the BHIM app

  • Download the BHIM app.
  • Select your preferred language and authenticate your mobile number with the SMS received from NPCI.
  • Choose the bank after your number is verified.
  • You will receive a message to set up your UPI PIN (MPIN)
  • Enter your 6 digit PIN and expiry month year of your Debit card for the account selected by you.
  • Set up the desired 6 digit MPIN.

Steps to begin the transactions

The UPI app identifies you as a consumer or merchant based on your payment address or QR code.

  • To pay a merchant or another person who has QR code displayed, at the counter or on phone, click the ‘Scan and Pay’ option.
  • Scan the code.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Enter your MPIN.
  • Confirm your transaction and it’s done.

You can also

  • Enter the payment address who to transfer the amount.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Enter your MPIN.
  • Make the transfer.

In case you don’t know the receiver’s UPI address but you know their bank account details. Then, choose the option to enter the account no. and IFSC code of the receiver to transfer money by confirming it with your MPIN.

If I don’t have smartphone…

In case you don’t have a smartphone, don’t worry you can use BHIM app service offline by dialling *99#.

  • Dial *99#.
  • Select your preferred language, enter the first four digits of IFSC code, bank name and press reply.
  • Select the desired account(in case you have multiple accounts against your mobile number)
  • Enter last 6 digits of your debit card number, give a space and enter month and year of its expiry.
  • Enter and confirm UPI or MPIN.
  • Once registered, call on *99# and you will be taken to the landing page for non-smartphones.
  • You can carry out transactions by listening and replying to the instructions.

Safety assured

This app using UPI has been designed in such a way that it auto-exits after 90 seconds in case if it remains inactive.

The functionality has to do away with a mobile number as far as the mobile number is registered and doesn’t change, the services can be availed. In case the number is changed, the entire process or registration, linking the mobile number with bank accounts and other formalities have to be carried out in order to reuse the services. But it is wise to go digital as if we don’t make our contributions to the initiatives taken for our betterment, we would never be called as a developed nation. New learning is an ongoing process, it should never stop.

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BHIM: Go digital
A platform that helps to make cashless payments simple, fast & easy using UPI payment. BHIM essentially enables immediate money transfers through mobile phones.
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