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Do you know about Travel Loans? A few Benefits you must know!

According to The Hindu, a growing number of Indians are taking travel loans. Travel companies have started tying up with financial institutions to offer customized travel loans. These loans are available for both domestic and international trips. These days, online financial institutions are also offering travel loans, big or small to customers. This is a super trending market.

It is not untrue to say, plan the unplanned! Not all plans can be well planned and which is when you’re short of money to sponsor it. Travel loans have been devised to provide comfortable travel goals to dreamers.

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How do you choose a travel loan?

Choosing a travel loan is not a tedious task at all! A few basics must be taken into account to arrive at a decision. Interest rates being the first, unsecured loans have extremely tricky interest rates. The interest rates depend on the lending institution you choose for your travel loan.  Luckily, the interest rates here are much lower compared to credit cards loans.

You may or may not have planned your holiday, or just want to level up your already booked plan. In such cases, an affordable travel plan is quite a fit!  Travel loans really help individuals to gather funds when planning seems incomplete. It is often witnessed that people in emergencies rip off their credit cards to make instant travel bookings.

Researchers also prove that travel loans are good because it comes to you like a top-up to your existing funds. So you do not have to touch your valuable fixed deposits and savings. However, what’s important to note is that the sanctioned loan amount must be managed really well for maximized benefits. Efficient use of funds can drive the relative cost down and pull up fund management better.

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So, if you are heck bored with life and need an ice-breaking trip, then take a travel loan! The pointers highlighted can aid an affordable travel loan. Let’s see:

  1. Loan Amount: When choosing an online travel loan, it’s extremely important to evaluate your exact need. You shouldn’t go extreme with the loan amount. This isn’t free! Every borrower has its own financial capacity and affordability at tips. Its better judge your financial needs and choose the loan amount. The recommended percentage of debt to income must be 50% or lower.
  2. Time Length of Loan: Ironically, choosing a shorter tenure will mark higher interest rates whereas long tenures will seem low-interest rates. However, you pay more in the long term. An EMI calculator can help to efficiently calculate a loan tenure that suits you well, in contrast to the interest rates.
  3. Repayment of Loan: As a prospective borrower, you must choose a flexible repayment plan. You must read all the terms and conditions carefully to reach a conclusive decision. When the principal amount is paid earlier, some financial companies, levy foreclosure, and prepayment charges.
  4. Reasonable allocation of loan money: When the loan amount is disbursed, an expense sheet works best. Do not exploit your loan budget as much, maintain a reasonable spending limit. For international trips, the budget can go haywire. So, it’s suggested building a plan correctly.
  5. Insurance coverage: Travel loans are packaged with insurance coverage which can cover contingencies like accidents, death, house loss, etc. An insurance policy also takes care of the health bit. This is primarily provided to take care of all health services while you’re tripping around!


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