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Have Low Credit Score? Top 5 ways to Fix It

A credit score can mean a lot more than the number it is. It explains well your financial behavior beyond personal spending capacity. It is a clear display of how you like to manage your finances when available. A good credit score helps you to get loan approvals on time. Higher your credit score, faster approval for loans, credit cards, etc. It can also ensure nominal interest rates on your loan sanctions. It is the simplest to ruin your credit standing. However, working on it for improvement can be time consuming. If you read a low credit score than ever, it’s time to follow tips to make it good!!

Tips to Enhance your Dipping Credit Score


  1. Make timely payment of installments:

Timely payments of installments can crazily impact the credit score. Your credit score gets repaired faster than imagined. In addition to paying installments, paying bills on time count as well.  We know that a credit score is dependent on several factors, however long payment history matters more! One payment default can greatly damage your credit score. Infact, you can also try to make bill payments earlier than previously timed.

There’s also a standing instruction option in your net banking window.  When your payments are set out under automatic payments, you can comfortably keep doing your stuff.  If you’re not ok with idea of electronic payments, then you can instruct your bank for regular reminders. This will keep you on the top of the game for future.

  1. Keep Tab on Your Credit Report

Keep a routine tab on your credit report to know which ones are the problem areas and point out the best fitted solution. This practice will also ensure that your identity is not being wrongly used. The best few credit bureaus offer free credit reports on an annual basis. Once the report is retrieved, it’s easier to pin point corrective measures.

The credit bureau that reports inaccurate information will have to take immediate steps for improvement. This will also have an added advantage for a better credit score.

  1. Mounting of excessive debt

Holding up on a considerable amount of debt can really pull down the credit score. This is highlighted even more if you’re credit limit matches the spend balances. Paying back the debt can substantially improve your debt to credit ratio, reflecting on the credit use.

It’s been recommended to use nearly 10-20% credit for safer zoning. When you have different forms of credit, it’s better to pay off the ones with higher interest rates.

  1. Pay price for a negative value

When a debt is not repaid for long, its dealt first hand by collections. This way your credit score will be greatly affected by a negative value. In Fact the negative information leaves a mark on the credit report.

So, your old accounts still hanging in there, bid adieu at the earliest. When you decide to pay up, make sure to have it all in writing. One or two payments can be waived easily without charging you.

  1. Secure a relatively safe card

If you can envision financial crisis touching your feet, then it’s better to apply for a secure card. As we already know that financial stress can be bigger than inadequate money conditions.  Apply for a secure card as long as the situation seems manageable.

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