How can Savings be Improved?

When is the Best Time to Borrow?  Investment can be the best to do when you do not have much saving potential. Yet intent to save exists! Not all individuals can have a well chalked out plan for investment, mostly owing to their earning capacity.

Choose Debt over Equity for Regular Income

Investment in bonds can certainly be great however, every bond is quite risky. If you feel uncomfortable in investing in mutual funds and direct equity market investments, then it is better to pick up fixed-income debt/bonds. Investment in bonds can be really interesting if it yields well. Many good bonds in the market can actually provide high rates of return.

Most individuals want to make investments into skyrocketing returns as early as possible without the risk of losing the principal amount. And this could be the way to make more money so that it can be accumulated and invested. This also could be one of the reasons why some investors are always on a hunt for best returns and investment plans with minimum risks. However, too many exceptions in terms of return should be completely kept away. Both the elements of risk and reward go hand in hand.

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Can Investment be Shortly Doubled? Have a Strong Intention

The logic behind doubling your investment money can be a long drawn process. It takes a few years to make money on what you pool towards investment in mutual funds / SIPs. Most investors have a similar intention for sparing money out of their budget.  

All risky investment plans if put completely proportionally takes a lot of risk. It is some kind of psychological edge in the family. It is recommended to have a goal set high for investors to make sufficient efforts towards it. This will somehow save against short term hurdles and losses.

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