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How do Payment Gateways Add an Edge?

We all know that e-commerce is the place for almost anything and everything. To sell anything online to customers can depend totally on the way the products are positioned. Planning the strategy to sell has a huge role to play to place the products in an attractive manner. And to achieve sales, you will have to win the trust of your customers. A payment gateway is a strong mechanism to reconfirm visitors of the virtual store to build trustworthiness.

A payment gateway essentially allows merchants to accept cards and all forms of online transactions using the website. If the payment options are not set out in the right manner than an e-store will not work. The loss can be gigantic owing to the investment put into the venture. This clearly means that the drop in sales happens due to unhappy customers. Execution of the right payment gateways can be long term assuring and can turn the business around.  

  • Not all payments can be carried out in a similar fashion, hence it’s crucial to make the right pick.  
  • Always check if the charges attached to a payment gateway and also fit in within the said budget.
  • Examine whether the payment gateway has to assign up the process. If it’s a yes, then avoid the payment gateway.
  • Payment gateways always have multi-currency support, especially when the business is expanded worldwide.
  • To be able to sell, it’s important to check for the terms and conditions on the payment gateways. That’s specific because they allow selling physical goods only.  
  • Evaluate whether the payment gateway allows credit, debit and PayPal payments.
  • Ensure that the payment gateway permits only important fields on the go.

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To assist you further, we have topped down major payment gateway competitors in the market:


Authorize.Net has established itself as one of the sought after the payment gateways. Nearly 400,000 merchants globally take in online payments through credit cards and electronic checks. A nominal fee is charged as monthly gateway fees. This is preferred for all e-commerce transactions.

The payment gateway by has an online shopping cart, electronic check services and online mobile payments at an offer. One can use credit cards to make the payments possible. You can first sign up as a user. It takes about “.25%-1%” plus “$0.25” per transaction. There are additional charges in case the service agreement is violated with payment gateway.


PayPal came into being in 1998 and finally launched in 1999. It can have used for all card-based transaction for making payment gateway possible. It can liberate buyers in the way they find it convenient. However, store owners will have to pay simple transition fees of “3.4% + $0.30 USD”, when using PayPal for credit card payments. The best part is for you to make a sale which requires setup fees, gateway fees and monthly fees too.

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