How is Digitalization Helping in the Time of Epidemic?

In the name of Epidemic, we have Coronavirus this time around. This has taught a large audience size on how to run life in an online environment.

Digital tools were always contested to be creating differences & online wars, however the same has been dismissed at the end of January 2020.  Every day, we are witnessing the new ray of hope.

This is for all the social animals, who no longer believed in making long calls to the elderly, long lost relatives, etc., have been doomed. We see those ones keeping busy sitting comfortably inside their homes.

What are the changes new to us?

To start with, we experience large messaging groups, which experience a long thread of messaging flowing in. The messages are relevant to either the corona-virus or our day to day chores. Alongside this, the idea of video conferencing has come alive with the near and dear ones. This is what isolation does to our party-selves.

The thought of being away was freaking out so many people, but we observe this to have brought us together.

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The question here is how digitalization is further helping us during epidemic times?

Our email inboxes are filling up with all virus related information, meaningful & useless both. Social media platforms are flooded with news to spread real-time developments and continuous calls with the colleagues & family. Were we ever so connected to the world? This is miraculous to all the new age humans.

We a life running at a lights speed, we had almost forgotten to keep in touch.

Each passing day shows us a way towards devastation, with so many people dying, businesses incurring losses, locals getting brutally beaten up, etc. What is left to humanity now!

We can barely see a change in the days to come, however, we’ve kept up with the mediums we have in order, like the internet. This is greatly helping us to connect with one another, exchange information and resources, and collaboratively contribute means towards the end.

The growing digital curve is benefiting individuals, family, friends & relatives.

What China has done to the world has created a global divide but caused digital closeness.

Along with the pandemic, social media channels are also working on their subject of information & authenticity. This change is pretty evident to move digitalization towards positivity. We have been lately receiving how innovative can people get to kill their home quarantine & bridge their physical differences.

This way, Italy is coping as s fighter & showing their spirit of solidarity & peace. Videos have been flashing with home arrested families dancing, singing, playing confined to their balconies.

Also, people had been seen virtually clubbing inside their houses while capturing moments to show the world.  Everyone’s trying new ways of keeping social distance & observing togetherness.

Of course, the distance is difficult to be borne with virtual methods. However, digital platforms have supported quite a lot to deal with the elderly, handicapped, solos, etc. Till the time, crowding up is not allowed, its best to keep isolated.


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