Impact of COVID-19 on Middle Class in India

India is reckoned as the country with a flourishing middle-class mentality. It was being viewed as a potential market that has hit the growing stage. More & more people were seen climbing towards better livelihood.  

Today, we experience a grand change in their aspirations due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This disease hits people above the belt, like no other disease of its time. Whether it’s cholera or malaria, it usually the downtrodden & malnutrition community. The virus of Covid-19 doesn’t really differentiate between society levels. It is just the repercussion that hits the middle masses the most! 

We may soon experience how the middle-class diminishes as the COVID 19 catastrophe refuses to go back. It is supposedly the biggest world health challenge to all. The sincere, tax-paying people will ultimately bear the brunt of the structural & financial changes. In fact, it will also impact the entire machinery of the economy which pumps in cash for rich & squeezes it for the poor. The middle class neither can completely compare itself to the poor because it is educationally advanced nor be identified with the rich because it cannot buy a Mercedes to drive.   

In the middle of news for pay cuts & layoffs, they do feel the hit as the downtrodden at some places. It just takes a few shake-ups to spoil a lifetime of efforts & hard workThe status of a middle-class man is quite strange, it gets all the respect from the elders & affection form the youngsters. However, it’s still found in the middle of nowhere, handing in betweenThis definitely not enough to make up for an ungrateful life all through.  

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The middle-class strata are like the center of the universe & society, a major consumer base of all industries and everything good and bad. This class learns quickly with the situation & practices the combat well 

Impact of COVID 19 on the middle class in India: 

Let’s highlight the major issues of middle-class strata. Perseverance to always keep going after looking at the dreams under purviewevoking a continuous power to rise high. The power of education & the hope to build bigger keeps them away from disruptions. The other one is a high emotional quotient. They are usually driven by emotions & instincts. The middle class is always submissive to the worldly propositions & takes care of its environment at first. It makes it feel more vulnerable to the environment & how it impedes the progress of a bright mind.  

This middle-class conundrum that is combined with a world crisis goes for the cut-throat trial to block the airways. 

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Now, the lower masses are left with no jobs in the lockdown and the upper class has no physical sufferingsIt’s the middle class that keeps the most worried by losing jobs. They don’t get any salaries, the government gets no taxes. This, especially after industries, started but the middle class doesn’t have money to afford. This is how the dominoes fall! 

Every year, the middle class gets a lousy national budget to tackleThis is high time for the Government to realize the importance of the middle class & their contribution. Just don’t lose your virtues, there’s still some space left in the global market.  

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