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Judging Your Future By Your Spending Pattern

Are you judging someone based on their spending patterns. Yes, l do. we all do. Your spending could be questionable but sometimes good as well. It’s important to note that those who spend money relentlessly, end up with limited possessions like clothes, shoes, trips, restaurants, etc., that are always purchasing.

So, every time we try and judge spending done by others, its cooler to look at your spending pattern. When you observe your friends acting crazy, you must take consideration of your own self.

The way we can judge financial future of peers and friends, likewise others can judge you equally well. So hold up and understand how can you/others face a mirror to live peacefully.

Most of us can be labelled as hypocrites to a certain extent, especially when we talk about weddings. They claim to keep the arrangements basic and subtle, however they end up making it pompous.  This is quite true for Indian weddings where one invite leads to thousand others. Plus, the huge wedding farms, expensive flowers and world best food and music to add on.

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Everything is just fine as far as you know your spending well. A lot of supposedly close friends & family will try to discourage you to organize a lavish wedding, however we would like you to do as you please. All the stereotyped personal-finance pundits cannot feel the emotional strength of having a grand marriage. It’s important to live life by your rules, and spend extravagantly on the things you like. There’s absolutely no need to let go of things you love.
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And there always be people who judge you by their spending patterns.

Are weddings Creating Benchmarks?

Few will always quote that why spend so much on weddings when they can end up in divorces. This is why they go slow with spending too much on weddings. You can easily take on some borrowings & save it for paying down payment on home or a car, etc. Just give it a good thought!

It is clearly perceived that a grand wedding will be detrimental to a secure financial future. It is considered to be complete waste of money and that the money can be easily used for the rest of life.

You can easily observe people criticizing other peoples spending on virtually every plan of wedding.

So, do not be led by the hypocrites around you, they will plainly look for opportunities to be cynical. This is ridiculous, so better save and avoid frivolous spending. You’re always being judged by one or the other.

It’s strange how will they perceive if we start evaluating their spending now. Frankly, stay on a hypocritical journey yet not practice in your real life. It’s all about money!

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