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Most Popular Payment Gateways for Your Website in India

When you start a new business, it could be difficult to make a choice between different payment gateways, however, we can guide you through different options to pick the most popular and secure payment gateway for your website.

Here are the Best Payment Gateways of your Website in India :

  1. InstaMojo Payment Gateway:

This payment gateway enables retailers to get money without a website as well. The fee payment is quite minimal. The overall cost covers the Annual Maintenance Charge & Transaction cost (Flat fee @ 2% + Rs 3 per transaction).

Salient Features of Instamojo:

  • No international cards are supported by Instamojo.
  • Only the Indian currency is accepted.
  • Withdrawal Fees are negligible.
  • The sum gets settled in about 3 days in the linked bank account.
  • Customer support is interactive and clearly communicated important details.
  • You receive payment after simple signup of documents.
  1. CCAvenuePayment Gateway:

CCAvenue is considered to be the largest payment gateway in the country, with a wide range of payment options. It has over 200 payment options available with additional credit cards available on it. Amex, JCB, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa, and eZeClick. Most important currencies are covered under this payment gateway. It can serve an international market with servicing in major currencies. CCAvenue is also known for its multilingual angle. It services in 27 currencies and 18 languages.

Salient features of CC Avenue Payment Gateway:

  • The service charges include initial setup & annual maintenance costs. It is Domestic Credit & Debit cards on Visa, Mastercard, Maestro RuPay is about 2% flat. International Credit Cards on Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc at 3% flat.
  • CCAvenues support international/ credit cards. Your website can store pricing details and can be used for future use. Users can check out on the payment page with the preferred currency with its Multi-Currency payment Gateway. CCAvenue allows payment in 27 major foreign currencies.
  1. EBS or E-Billing Solutions:

It is an Indian merchant account provider to reach PCI DSS 3.0 standards of compliance. It is validated by security and safety norms audited by the ISO 27001- 2013 standard. Hence, it is considered to be the safest in the world.

Salient Features of EBS payment gateway:

  • The total costs include the initial setup and annual maintenance charges at 2400 applicable every year.
  • Both domestic and international credit cards are supported by the EBS Payment gateway. It takes in Visa, Master Card, American Express around the globe.
  • This one too accepts multi-currency and supports 11 major foreign currencies to further assist the customer.
  • It has zero withdrawal cost
  • Settlement takes between 2-3 days. The committed structure is T=+2 that is transaction date + 2 days of lag for settlement.
  • The customer support is very hospitable and resolves your query at the earliest.
  • Minimum documentation is required.
  • Easy mobile application integration with CMS systems.

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  1. PayPal Payment Gateway Service:

PayPal has been a popular global payment gateway found in over 200 countries globally. More than 173 million customers use Paypal on a routine basis. Many international customers can use this facility combined with multiple currencies. 26 currencies can be used to hold deposits and bank accounts in 57 currencies. In India, retailers can receive funds from Paypal even with foreign customers.

Salient Features of PayPal Payment gateway Services are:

  • Total transaction costs include annual maintenance and transactional charges at 4.4% + US$0.30.
  • All international and domestic payments are accepted as an Indian merchant, with an exception of Indian currency. This is majorly for international transactions only. For any other currency, the amount is converted into US dollars.
  • Paypal supports multi-currency supports in over 100 currencies and 57 can be used to save earnings.
  • There are no withdrawal fees on PayPal.
  • All payments received in your PayPal account will be auto-withdrawn to the bank account, regularly.
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