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Take Personal Loans with India’s New Traffic Violation Fines

India’s traffic conditions are gradually changing. The new penalty is assumed to be between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. It is about Rs 1000-Rs 2000 for light motor vehicle and Rs 2,000 -Rs 4,000 for medium passenger or goods vehicles and impounding of driving license for second/secondary offence. Stringent penalty laws shall be imposed in case of dangerous driving.

What are the don’ts?

Violation of any traffic rules must be avoided under all circumstances. However, there can be times when you overlook a rule and get penalized for your wrong doing. The punishment for such an act completely depends on the severity of the crime.

Most punishments have a handsome amount of money payable. Now, after observing the sum we may end up paying as fines, it’s better to adhere to all rules and regulations. Breaking a few rules can end you up with big money. This is going to way expensive if not planned well. For all such needs, a personal loan can be availed for a timely payment.

You can avail Personal loan by Home Credit anytime, anywhere to ease all your financial stress. You can easily apply through its user friendly app (Home Credit Personal Loan). This can get you cash money at a click. So, whenever next you land yourself in a traffic nuisance like a challan perhaps! So, think closely about an instant personal loan.

Please read below to know how to quickly apply for a personal loan with Home Credit.

  1. Visit the website & download the Home Credit Personal Loan app.
  2. Enter your relevant personal details
  3. Enter your ID information such as Pan Card number, address and bank details
  4. Receive a quick confirmation
  5. Have your money disbursed into your savings account at once?

One important thing to get noted is that you meet all the eligibility criteria and then fill in you loan application request with Home Credit.

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The key features of the Home Credit Personal loan can be seen as under:

  1. Low to high disbursal amount of Rs 25, 000 to Rs 2 Lakhs
  2. Tenure between 1.5 years to 4 years
  3. Flexible EMI repayments
  4. Affordable personal loan interest rates
  5. Quick approval & disbursal
  6. 100% paperless process
  7. Secure processes & systems

After final scrutiny, it is good to say that riding a two-wheeler or four-wheeler with caution is unavoidable. It’s never too late to follow the traffic rules. So, if you end up breaking the rules then fortunately a quick loan can fill your shortage.

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