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The Best Mobile Banking Applications in India

Mobile banking has simplified all the complex banking related transactions in an instant. The complexities of banking can now be easily realized with the new mobile banking applications. Banks, nowadays are turning user-friendly to assist customers in the best possible manner. They are pushed to use technology to meet all “to do” tasks for financial management. Banks are becoming more tech-friendly in order to meet the financial requirements of customers. These banks have introduced their banking applications to ease their job a little. All online transactions, bills, recharges can be made possible through the mobile. If you are a bank customer, then try to use the banking app for greater convenience. However, one needs to be supercharged and careful about personal details.

The following mentioned below are 5 top mobile banking applications in India:

  • State Bank Freedom

State Bank Freedom is an automated app sponsored by SBI. One can easily download the app and register for transfer of money, cheque book requests, bill payments and a long list of important things. One can already have 5 million downloads and use the rating at 3.9.

  • HDFC Bank Mobile Application

With HDFC MobileBanking application, one can access over 60 transactions from anywhere, anytime.  HDFC as the 1st bank has the My Menu feature where one can customize the Menu with 10 favorite transactions under the same category. The bank has one mobile banking app in Hindi for Android phones. There are already more than 1 million downloads by a 4.3 rating.

  • iMobile from ICICI Bank

iMobile is an official ICICI Bank mobile banking application for Android phones. One can check balance or the last 5 transactions including a transfer of money, paying off bills, opening savings or recurring accounts, and much more. One can also tie it up to the loan account, demat and credit card accounts held with ICICI Bank. The rating used here for the app is close to 4.

  • Baroda M-CONNECT from Bank of Baroda

The Bank of Baroda sponsored banking app is called Baroda M-CONNECT. It is a convenient and fast way to banking and easy transfers. With BARODA M-CONNECT, one can access account information quickly, transfer money, pay all bills, recharge the mobile, do airline/movie ticketing and more. The rating given by the user for this is the app is 3.7

  • New Axis Mobile

The New Axis Mobile for Android is a unique, simple, convenient, hassle free and secure mobile application launched by Axis Bank. Using this app, one can easily check on last transactions and reserve all account details for fast transactions. From mobile recharges to bill payments, one can manage it all on this app. 4.1 is the rating accorded to New Axis Mobile.

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