The Best Retirement-Planning Apps

Working on a retirement plan is the need of the hour these days. We are lucky to live in a globalized environment where you can find our own ways to make their retirement days more secure. Our hyper connected world provides the facility to plan our retirement money as easily as possible. Typically, this can be made possible with a long queue of knowledge, supporting documents & relevant reports.

Through this article, we will discuss the different tools & applications for easy retirement planning in the years to come.

Points to Remember:

  • We must know that all these apps are built to help retirement planning in the best possible manner. However, the app provides only service to meet your end.
  • It’s best to look for the ideal most technique to help make your retirement days peaceful & worthwhile.

Although, there aren’t any specific retirement planning apps in India. We just have some of the best financial planning apps. However, there are successful retirement plans across the borders.

1. Retirement Planner App

Retirement Planner App is an Android based app which helps to figure choices for structuring the retirement savings. It helps to provide insights about different investment plans.

The Retirement Planner App is also useful to project what you put as deposits today can mount up as retirement gratuity in later times. This is the first step towards a constructive retirement period which will reevaluate the long term plan.

2. Mint

Mint is a recognized tracking software which can be used both online & offline to fix & track retirement goals. Mint is a tracker tool to understand long term trend lines & follow up on investments available in a particular spot.

This app is quite easy to plan your future goals like retirement savings by giving you regular notifications for each month and track it simultaneously with real time data.

3. Financial Engines Social Security Planner

This one is available for free, online. All you need to do is to punch in relevant information and then provide suggestions on how to maximize your benefits. Financial Engine Social Security Planner works on mathematical algorithms to provide valuable information.

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4. Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calculator

This app is specific to individuals who have reached their retirement age to project their financial portfolio in the years after they have retired. This is a strategically made up portfolio to assess whether retirement savings will be sufficient to meet future requirements or not.

5. Retirement Goal Planning System

This app uses behavioral economics to help you strike a balance between your own choices to overcome complexities at the time of retirement planning. It bifurcates the process into self-evaluation of oneself. Infact when you use this app, you end up with a personalized set of retirement goals, which will assist you to plan your retirement better and share the financial charter ahead.

In nutshell, there are many online apps which can be used to plan your retirement. Just focus straight on your priorities & you’re sorted. Do not settle for an app which doesn’t meet your retirement needs and simplifies your journey.

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