Top 3 ways to Deal with Uncertainty – Mentally, Financially

In another intriguing Mann ki Baat, we heard PM Modi recommend social isolation to the healthy, unwell & COVID suspects for a few weeks or so.  

Below are the best ways to deal with uncertainty both mentally & financially

Let not ourselves be caught up in a psychological cage and know about the ways.

1: Stress over things you can control 

Today, our lives are quite surrounded by uncertainties, which is totally outside our control. Though we cannot shoo away the virus, we can surely care less about unimportant elements. Maybe you can contribute towards the economy or find work to get paid in the next month. Such decisions empower you to work towards betterment. So instead of pivoting towards the uncertain, tilt towards the actionable straight away.  

For e.g. if you’ve lost your job due to business slowdown, then focus completely to find another paying job, distributing your resume & bonding with your ex-colleagues, friends etc. Likewise, if you’re worried about your family health conditions, then focus on taking accurate precautions instead. Keep your hands clean, disinfect dirty surfaces, disallow your elderly from going out and stay away from critically ill patients.  

By channelizing your worry towards the doable, you will free yourself from unwanted stress. Obviously, every situation is unique and sometimes it takes a great deal of mental & emotional control to tackle it.  

  1. Tactfully deal with your emotions 

When you’re met up with uncontrollable circumstances, it’s much easier to get disturbed & take impulsive decisions. However, it’s for the skillful to control their fear & negativity at once. Initially, you may think that suppressing your emotions, putting up a smiling face, etc will keep your near ones content & happy. But, it’s the reverse of this mentality. This substantially hampers your mental strength & augments anxiety for later.  

When you do not have anything to control, you can still confidently manage your emotions & take charge of the negativity around. This again can eliminate your stressful thinking by centering on the positive aspects & dealing uptight with the challenges.   

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3: Work against the need for certainty 

We already know that change is the only constant in life.  And therefore it’s here to stay! So, it’s all the important to adapt to changes along with the displeasing experience. Additionally, we ask for consent on our opinions at all times.  

We all the time want to know about accurate our decisions are based on logic. Also, keep it supported by research material & expert advice from our known consultants/ well-wishers. We think this to remove uncertainties of life. And on the financial front, we expect help from our beloved. 

We often engage in the micromanagement of people & financesYou hope to complete all tasks on your own & at all costs. You convince people around to resonate with your viewpoints.  

Lagging behind- We also end up delaying important decisions to shirk away uncertainties of life firstYou find a well-suited excuse to get away with it comfortably, or not do certain things at all for a later reservation.

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Cross-checking of the done. We repeatedly check if things have been successfully doneWe keep calling, texting our call ones to tap on their health & well-being. Or open our bank accounts online to see the last savings balance, and then miserly making payments. You double-check everything to ensure nothing has been missed to keep our minds on track all the time!  

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