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Top 5 Company Fixed Deposits Plans

For individuals, its known already that banks generally offer low interest rates, that is when you can consider investment in some of the top Company FD Schemes that are offering high interest rates. So, which are the top 5 company fixed deposit plans? These plans have an average rate of interest ranging between 6.5% to 7.5%. Whenever you’re looking for regular income and ready to own some risk then opt for you company FD schemes with high interest rates. The yield rates do change from scheme to scheme.

Most companies have fixed deposit schemes at offer and helps to move funds for working capital and business expansion. This is the fastest way for corporates to dispose of funds in the most convenient way. This is always unsecure fixed deposit schemes which implies that if something happens to the business conditions, then the investors will receive benefits in the end.  With this element of risk, companies have high interest rates on fixed deposits.

How to reduce risk if you are considering Corporate FD plans?

It is always advisable to put money in top rated company fixed deposit plans. Regulatory bodies like ICRA, Crisil, BWR attaches a credit rate to corporates and measures performance.

Top 5 Best Company Deposit Schemes are underlined below:

Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation-

The FD Schemes under Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation are guaranteed by Keral Govt to the extent of Rs 2,000 Crores and are secured FD schemes. KTDFC FD schemes are offered as cumulative and non-cumulative options, both. The scheme is offered between 1-5 years. The interest ranges between 8.25% to 8.75% depending on the time frame of the FD and senior citizens. The overall yield works out to be 9.1% for 1 year FD Scheme and 10.55% for 5 years FD Scheme with a minimum deposit of Rs 10,000.

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Scheme-

Bajaj Finance is a part of Bajaj group and considered to be the largest financier of consumer durables in India. This FD is available for 1-5 years. This FD scheme is also available for cumulative and non-cumulative options. The interest rates are between 8.05% to 8.3% depending on the customer. Anyone (Individuals / HUF / Association of persons / Firms) can invest in FD schemes for better returns with a minimum deposit of Rs 25,000. One can prematurely withdraw money subject to certain conditions.

DHFL Aashray Deposit Plus FD Scheme
Deewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL) is most definitely the largest private housing finance company in India. DHFL has been given a CARE AAA rating for various long term debt instruments. The FD scheme is available for 12 months to 120 months. Interest rates range between 7.75% to 8.25% annually. Infact, old age citizens get an additional interest rate of 0.25%. All including Individuals / HUF / Association of persons / Firms can put their money into fixed deposit scheme with a minimum deposit of Rs 2,000. Premature withdrawals are also available subject to conditions. BWR rated this scheme as FAAA which means excellent credit quality and CARE rated as AAA which indicates high quality and standards.

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