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Top Ways to Protect UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Transactions

Online transactions have been increasing at an unmatched pace, which further gave a boost to UPI(Unified Payments Interface) transactions. Hence, it is quite critical to protecting UPI transactions against fraud and crime.  With an institution like the Reserve Bank of India, it is easier to maintain safety and security.

Recently enough, RBI issued a warning to banks, customers and online payment platforms to avoid frauds on UPI transactions. The App “AnyDesk” must be strictly avoided to get some relief from negative activities.  If it succeeds to hack user information, all the confidential information will be completely wiped out. This can also lead to stealing of bank account details.

So now what’s the trick to finding out if the payments app is safe?

So, how to protect your transactions better?

Highlighted below are the top ways to protect your UPI transactions:

Accept Requests from verified merchants or vendors-

Research carefully about the trusted parties and merchants who are considered safe and secure. However, the fake online transactions capture all the passwords and details.  You wouldn’t like your phone to be misused due to a stupid mistake. It’s not good to be intrigued by nicely done websites. It is about the merchants and sellers in the end. Take in merchants which do not come with super powerful features.

Security Check:

An SSL can be used to protect the socket layer. Also, this technology can be quite helpful to make online support possible. Also, check whether the merchant uses a secure SSL or not. For example, there needs to be an extension (https://) used before the website name.

Information Check:

Not much information needs to change. It is primarily the basic details like name, mobile number, and email IDs. Some pieces are good enough at a personal level.

Trust Check: –

Always ensure to read testimonials and feedback. If your customers are keeping happy then you’re more than satisfied as a provider, including keeping seals and stamps. Sometimes, the sellers carry verified trust seals for easy transactions.

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Contacts Check

Ensure consistency of the contact details provided as email information too. Make sure the contact information of the merchant is consistent with the email address the company is registered with. You can check a company’s website.

Green Tick Check

It is always relevant to make UPI transactions with a verified merchant. This will help to ensure the legitimacy of UPI transactions when requesting payments. All the apps used must be officially certified. Make sure to use official bank apps or reputed UPI apps to make your payments.

Activate a two-factor authentication system-

UPI transactions are already expected to exceed 1 trillion this year.  With the increasing number of people, comes the excessive risk of doing things. UPI only double ensures the process of adding a layer to the transactions. Just physical access is not enough in times when digital channels are taking over. Your PIN becomes the most accepted way to secure transactions and use the same to get account intact.

Malware alerts and Anti-Virus-

If fraudulent activities bother you much, then it’s time to install a powerful anti-virus app in your phone to stay alert and on the top of the system. Try beyond hardware-level security, that’s quite nice.


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