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Ultimate Time for Digitalization: Going the Digital Way

The theory around digitalization continues to remain! And will not go obsolete that soon.

In reality, different perceptions are confusing people to adapt to digital transformation and therefore the survival of the companies are under question.

Digitization essentially refers to taking analog information and encoding it into zeroes and ones so that computers can store, process, and transmit such information.

Digitization is essentially the change from manual to automation, which can be valuable for high production brands.
Though, we can experience a smooth change towards digitization yet there’s scope for much more.

In the company context, digitization is more relevant for paper based & manual practices. It’s imperative to understand that It’s digitization is about data and not the processes.

Digitalization: Dealing with Uncertainty & Anarchy

This has become a way of life where all social commitments are revolved around digital processes and systems.
As communications shift from analog to digital, both work & social dimensions become digitalized.

Digitalization is basically the use of digital technologies to change a business model from less value adding unit to more revenue producing avenue. It should be a seamless process of shifting a digital business.

It’s all about managing business models over taking care of social interactions.

Many a times, you get to hear what is a digital business in actuality? Digital business is about creating a new business set up via small business loan and breaking down the wall between real & online world.

Unfortunately, this latter definition is hopelessly vague. What is the digital world? What does it mean to ‘blur’ worlds? And for that matter, what is a ‘business design’?

So what is the real meaning of digitization? It’s the actual process of employing digital and data to change the business environment.

According to a few experts, digitalization is basically about focusing on your business operations more than socialization.

The idea behind the concept is to grow digitally and become more self-contained. It changes the way people think of business & interactions otherwise. Digital skills are counted as unavoidable when chosen for a certain job. This is a necessity for a considerably responsible job in any individual, organization & industry. When organizations operate at the helm of digital technologies, manual force gets potentially reduced.

Automation is the word that captures a significant part of the digitalization concept, whether we talk about shifting job roles or processes. Digitalization is supposed to increase efficiency & data authority for increased output. If you’re partially digitalized, then its recommended to turn to full automation.

How does digitalization actually work? It’s not about implementing a technology, its majorly about shifting to a digital platform. All the processes involved will be digitally upgraded.

Digital change is way beyond digitalization.

Digitalization is different from a concrete digital change.

What we are talking about is precisely the strategic moves to translate digitalization into the routine work. The organizational change takes a lot to implement digital technologies for strategic business planning.
The biggest part of digital transformation is change, which must be mastered as a core competency.

To sum up quickly, digitalization encompasses processes and roles that are important to the operations of a business. And all this must “customer centric”.

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