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What are the Best 5 Money Transfer Apps in India?

The era of digitalization provides the opportunity to send quick money to the needy at the click. This is one of those privileges which we all waited for a long time. Today, we have this opportunity at our fingertips and we can swiftly make a money transfer sitting in any part of India.  

Below are the Best Money Transfer Apps In India introduced on Android and iOS both: 

  1. Google Pay

Google pay is supposedly the best money transfer app due to easy UI. You simply have to link your savings account to Google pay ID after which you’re good to go.  

You are required to set up a lock PIN to keep your account safe. And for a new transaction, just open the ‘new’ option & start your transaction. Or switch to Tez for quicker receipt & payments. This option identifies the recipient by its proximity. 

In addition, you can scan QR codes for personal and business transactions. The best part is that you get to earn money if you refer Google Pay to friends and family.   

  1. PayPal

This is a free money transfer app used communally in India & aboard. Its global reach makes it extremely popular as the best money transfer apps in India. To start using the app, you need to signup with personal credentials and then send or receive money as comfortably as you can. This app is suitable for both personal and business purposes.  

Paypal is considered to be the easiest in its functionalities with prominent pay and send options. Of course, you will be required to save your card information to make a transaction. Additionally, you can sync your contacts so that it gets easier for you to send money to any of your contacts. 

Tap on the bell icon to receive all the notifications at once. The activity section underlines all the transactions conducted to date.  

  1. BHIM App

BHIM is essentially a government-controlled money transfer app available on Android and iPhone phones. It uses UPI to transact digitally for quick money transfers at the click of a button. 

  1. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is reckoned as one of the attention-drawing money transfer apps. Though, it acts within the Amazon app rather than being used as a different app. This is not so easily found on Amazon as it resides on the 8th position on the list, however, it’s very commonly used.  

After clicking on the Amazon Pay option, you will be directed to transact online. You can also use your Amazon balance to make quicker payments, digitally. This also expedites the money transferring process. 

It not only offers convenience for sending or receiving money but also make utility bill, mobile, DTH, Gas, Water bills etc. Additionally, you get to realize offers on food, flights, gift cards, etc on using the app. This is possibly the reason why it liked so much and considered as the best money transfer app in India. 

  1. Ola Money

Ola Money is the subsidiary of Ola cabs which allows easy money transfer whenever you need it. Primarily, it was conceptualized to make online payment of Ola cabs you book online. 

Ola Money can be used both as a focused app or in addition to Ola Cabs. If you use it as a separate app, then you’ll be able to perform transactions on third party sites platforms too.  

The Ola app uses an easy UI in the Ola Money section and the tab to add money. There are other options like withdraw and history to view transactions & keep a track of previous transactionsAdditionally, you can use this app to make bill payments, load your pre-paid number, and much more. It is an endless list of features available on Ola money.  

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