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What’s the Most user-friendly Instant Loan App in India?

There must be over 50 operational instant personal loan apps in the market. Owing to the excessive rise in the number of lending institutions in the market, the choice for instant loan apps are also increasing. One should focus on getting hold of the right financial institution instead of whiling time for the perfect pick.

But how do you know if your choice of instant personal loan app is worthwhile?It is all about how you manage your rigorous study before landing at a well informed decision. The quick personal loan app you choose must help you to view and control your ongoing loans, investments and savings, make payments, and download all financial statements at once. Your app should enable quick installments and touch base with the concerned company as and when required. Your choice of personal loan app must have quick notifications for installment payments and reminders. This is plainly to avoid unnecessary payment defaults. It should have facility to take requests on time and apply for quick loans in a click.

A few recommended loan apps do not require complicated documentation and elaborate scrutiny while using instant apps. The loans categorically include personal loans, gold loan, loan against shares, etc. There are others in the category too which can be offered to individuals via online platforms. Also, it is at the lenders discretion to decide upon the loan amount and tenure, taking the credit score into account.

Every app is available on Play Store & App Store if you’re looking forward to install and use any one of the apps for a personal loan.


In our fast moving, technology driven society, everything comes at a super speed. With technology playing the lead, all processes have been potentially sped up. There’s no more waiting in long queues for a bank loan, it can easily come handy. Through this article, we will underline all the user friendly instant loan apps. They meet all the qualifying factors as discussed already and also have been highly rated by the users in the market.

Best Instant Personal Loan App’s in India

  • Home Credit
  • Money Tap
  • IndiaBullsDhani
  • Upwards
  • PaySense

HomeCredit– is a one stop solution for all your loan related requirements which offers Instant Personal Loan with no collateral security, super easy application process.

Money Tap-MoneyTap is recognized as India’s first app based loan company. This company offers instant personal loan in cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

MoneyTap essentially operates on its value system for short terms loans and low rates of interest. This is a favor upon prospective buyers with the intent to make an immediate request. This is a great relief from high interest rates on the credit card loans

IndiaBulls-IndiabullsDhani is the first of its kind to simply personal loan application for its users. Using this app, you can apply for personal loan between Rs.1000 to Rs.15 lacs.

Upwards-Upwards is specially centered at salaried individuals in India. It’s a Mumbai based short-term loan provider gradually spreading out to different pockets of the country. Upwards has a 100% paperless process and takes not more than a day for approval and disbursal. The loan can be availed in prominent 30 cities of the country.

PaySense-PaySense pivots at making finances easier, more accessible backed by transparent processes. The loan application process is extremely hassle free and unwieldy. Its process has been laid online, without any physical documents.

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