Why should you pick an online personal loan over a two-wheeler loan?

A two wheeler is always more convenient in nature compared to a four wheeler. Whether you’re a fresh graduate from college, working professional in a reputed firm, living in a small town, or a fancy cosmopolitan city, a two wheeler can always serve the purpose of fast movement.  It works as the all-weather man for all routine or aspirational travelling. Also, we cannot plainly negate the cost effective aspect of buying two wheeler, they quickly match your meagre savings. In-fact, we observe even the female clan out on scooters to equal the fun of guys riding a bike!

This way there’s a constant spike in the demand of two-wheeler. India’s two-wheeler market is at its peak with a wide range of offerings for every age group in society.

What to opt? Two-Wheeler Loan? Online Personal Loans?

Two-wheeler loans were previously offered to serve the need for two-wheeler in a go; against security. However, with the shift in generation & technology, individuals can procure multi-purpose loans in a quick, easy and hassle-free manner.

Today, all the major financial institutions offer financial solutions to make a buy as per convenience. How is it different from a standalone two-wheeler loan? A two-wheeler loan basically covers 90% of the vehicle cost, while the rest to be paid in cash.

The positive of this loan could be that you need not singly save your income to buy a two-wheeler. You will just have to pay up as much as 10% of the vehicle value. But let’s assume, you’ve saved the cash for medical emergencies, you couldn’t want to allocate it here & there.

However, loans for two-wheeler are secure and the vehicle remains under mortgage. Keeping such extremes in mind, you can easily pick an online personal loan!

Below are the top reasons why you should purchase a two-wheeler with a Personal Loan:

  1. Instant Online Availability- Personal loan from financial institutions like Home Credit can be availed by logging into the mobile app & filling up the relevant details. Every online activity saves both time and effort of the borrowers by physically going to the bank.
  2. Full Financing with Personal Loan- A two-wheeler loan doesn’t fully cover the loan value & keeps the borrower hanging. This way a personal loan online can be absolutely workable to cover the full cost of the vehicle & pay back as and when you please, So opt Personal Loan over Two-Wheeler Loan is an best option. Avail Personal Loan Online and amount instant Credit in bank account.
  3. Instant Ownership- A personal loan endows upon the opportunity to avail instant ownership & possession of the two-wheeler, which is not the case with specific loans. When you’ve received an instant personal loan, its much be easier to pay in a shot!
  4. No Down payment- Under a two-wheeler loan, a definite amount has been paid as down payment. However, you’re financially freed under a personal loan option. You do not have to pay a penny out of your personal pocket.
  5. Simpler Eligibility Criteria– Home Credit India ensures that you can borrow with & without good even without a credit history. This kind of flexibility is certainly not possible under two-wheeler loans. Also, the eligibility criteria for an instant loan has been simplified. It required only 2 documents for verification & no collateral guarantee in exchange.

So, if you’re bothered about buying a two-wheeler & feels short of cash, try Home Credit Loan via Mobile App!

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